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Xsitepro Templates Support.Xsitepro Templates FAQ

1. Why should you buy an XSite Pro website template?

The price is the main attraction: We offer a great design for 15$-$40. There is no need to pay a web designer or a web design studio. Flexibility is another advantage: Any template can be easily modified in XSitePro according to your preferences and a small presentation on the customization process is also available.

The PLR content provided for your website is another high interest point. On some templates you will get great articles you will have copyrights on.

2. Are the templates provided together with scripts or is it all custom programming?

There are additional scripts with some xsitepro templates. There are some designs for slideshows, image galleries or search fields included. Basic scripts can be added at your request on the purchase of an extra programming package.

3 Headers Slideshow ($99)
Custom Color Links
Extra Menu

3. What do you get on ordering a template from

The completion of the payment is accompanied by a confirmation email which contains a link to a location where you can download the .zip file from. The .zip file includes an .xse file (XSite Pro 2 export file), extra images suitable for the header, footer and so on, e-books and content articles for your website, apart from some other things.

4. What formats are available?

The format typical of the XSite Pro templates is .xse. The template can be imported bug or error-free if you have the latest XSite Pro version. You can buy xsitepro here.

5. What can and can’t you do with the templates?

You can:

Build a website modifying the template according to your preference.

You cannot:

Redistribute or resell the templates.

6. Can you download several templates if you pay monthly a certain amount of money?

The visitors of this website cannot become members and thus download whatever they want from the website. However they can contact us for a 20% discount if you want to purchase 5 or more templates.

7. Payment Methods. Can you pay by check?

Payment can only be done with PayPal. Its safe easy and fast.

8. Is there a return policy?

No refunds are issued after the shipment of a product by because the products are non-tangible and irrevocable. Visitors should read the product description and the specifications on the products carefully. Compromises are made only when the product description does not match the reality and only on a case-by-case basis. Visitors can claim refunds no later than one week after the delivery date.

9. You placed an order for a template but no download information has been provided.

Contact us by e-mail and we will solve the problem as soon as possible.

10. You were charged twice - You got 2 e-mails from the provider.

This is only a problem if the charges have two different order IDs, in which case you should contact us by e-mail.

11. Can the download link be recovered?

Yes, it can. Contact us by e-mail and you will receive another e-mail with your link.

12. How can you change a template to suit your website?

You can obtain detailed editing instructions in the training section.

13. Can you replace the pictures in the template and slide show with your own pictures?


14. Where can you find photos/images for your template?

The images from stock photos are highly recommended for purchase/download.

15. Can you contact one of our designers?

You can contact us by e-mail and we will try to arrange a private discussion.

16. Can you use templates for websites of your customers?

Yes. This website is recommended for those who want to save money and time and make the best design proposals for their customers. Remember that the same template can be the basis of a large number of different designs and websites by customizing it.

17. Can you add low-resolution thumbnails for the clients to choose the template they want to use?

Of course.

18. Does XSiteTemplates help you with the editing of a template?

XsiteTemplates points you to a large number of sources where you can seek help. You can get the basic knowledge about XSite Pro 2 from the comprehensive training section. XsiteTemplates offers you help and diverse information. Moreover, the website staff can be contacted on Skype or by e-mail for assistance.