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Template for Xsitepro with PLR Content

This is the fastest, easiest and cheapest way to get a website. Full website that can pass as your own or do anything you want with them.

They will work for you in 2 cases:

1. You dont depend on seach engine (offline marketing, facebook, lists etc)
2. You plan in modifying the cotent to make it unique

You can order a template in niche starting for $290, and you will get:

1. 15-20 pages of content
2. Custom Website
3. You adsense code inserted
4. RSS feeds - to make the content fresh
5. Facebook Button
6. Twitter Button

1. Diamonds - Rings - Xsite Pro 2.5 Template

Diamonds Template Preview.

The Diamonds Xsitepro Template comes with a pack of 25 free plr articles in the diamonds niche that can be use on the website or to publish elsewhere. The price for the template for the next month or so, until the next upgrade is of only $12. The template comes with the .psd file used for the graphics, can be either modified really easily with photoshop or a free programs like "gimp". If you need some else to modify the design it can be done on odesk for $10-20.

2. Adsense Template for Xsitepro - Blue Sense

Blue Sense Template Xsitepro.

This template is perfect for an adsense minisite, guaranteed to grab the best conversion. Priced at only $9 I think you can't go wrong here. You can also contact me to insert the text, pictures and adsense code, price start for the extra work at $91.

Please note that template if perfect for any niche! The pictures and text are easy to change.


3. Super Xfactor Template - Perfect for Amazon, Adsense, Affiliate Marketing

Picture with Xfactor xistepro template.

This is a template that its beautiful in its simplicity, the main goal here is converting visitors. All the attention is focus on your ads. I will gladly modify the template to suit your niche. You can buy the template for $17 and the modifications to it will cost you an extra $27 just email me any 3 pictures and I will put them there nicely.