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XCommentPro Review - The Internet Is A Two Way Street

You may have heard my title about xcommentpro said time and time again, but have you ever taken notice about what it actually meant? The internet is not a passive piece of software used simply for information gather; rather, it is a complex system of tos-and-fros. If you read a newspaper and disagree with something therein, you may be compelled to write a letter to the editor, but that will take some time to get to the editor, and they might not even print it. If you see something you don’t like on a website, you can post a comment about it, and within seconds it is up on the website, for the creator and the whole world to see.

Xcommentpro is a great piece of software that allows you to add this commenting feature onto your own website. This is not an xcomment review, because this author has never used the product, but it is an overview of the product and its wonderful features.
Xcommentpro takes a lot of the hard work out of website creation. Xsitepro has developed a lot of programs over the years that have made it easier to build a website and start using this site to earn money. Xcommentpro is no exception.

This software allows your readers to interact with you, the website, and each other in a way that can only be done on the internet. First of all, xcommentpro isn’t just a program that allows users to comment on your page. While this is handy, it can and will do a lot more for your site and your business. It allows you to add a star rating system to each of the comments, which allows “feedback scoring”. This means that users can comment on and rate other posts, so the best and the most helpful will be able to be seen by everyone. Conversely, you can have a reporting feature so spam messages and messages that include offensive behaviour can be notified and deleted or hidden from view.

Xcommentpro also allows you to gain data from the comments posted. By asking simple questions before the person publishes their comment, you can know the age range and location of each person, so you know which segment of the population is reading and responding to your site. You can then tailer your information to those people, or try to branch out and get more people from different ranges interested in your site. You can also use xcommentpro to start a mailing list by making each user include a valid e-mail address before they publish their post. This is a great way to avoid spam messages, and it’s also a good way to get more people on your mailing list.

In a great xcomment review, a reviewer stressed how easy it is to work. You have the option to use an installation wizard and use the basic settings, or you can go further into the HTML of the product. Another xcomment review raved about the free 83 page booklet that came with it.